One of my favorite guilty pleasures is browsing on Etsy. Ok, well actually, buying stuff on Etsy. But don’t tell my Hubby 😉 Every week I will feature some of my favorite finds and purchases from Etsy or my favorite online shops. This way I can spread the love to some of my fave shops & share some fun products with my followers! 


{Amelia in the organic arrows top knot}

I am obsessed with accessories as you will soon find out, so what better way to accessorize a bald baby but with a headband! When I had my daughter I knew she would be a headband queen just like her mommy. One of my all time favorite shops on Etsy is Kabat and Co. Basically her headbands are soft, adorable and mostly affordable! Coolest part about her shop… She’s self taught! Babies grow quickly and these headbands will also grow with them. Check this shop out for yourself! 
Kabat And Co

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