How to look like you actually get Z’s 

Sometimes you get less sleep than desired when being a mom to a baby or multiple children. I know the feeling! The only way I can at least look like I’ve had some sleep is slap a little face makeup on. I know our time is limited to get ready! Before having Amelia I was able to take my time getting ready (if I wasn’t running late) and do my makeup, including fancy eye shadow. But now as a mommy, I needed to come up with a better solution than just leaving the house looking like a hot mess and not feeling like my old self. 

The most ideal time to get ready is of course during morning nap. But we all know that the steamy shower and leg shaving gets president over makeup and hair any day. Sometimes just standing in the hot shower makes you feel like a human being again. So what we all need is a quick regimen that takes minutes but looks like we had all the time in the world. Here is what I use to make myself look a little more polished on a daily basis. 

I really love these products individually for many reasons. Tinted moisturizer is probably my favorite product. It makes it so you don’t look like you are wearing makeup or trying hard. It gives you a little coverage to cover up any discoloration in your skin and leaves a smooth finish. I use Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. It even has SPF which is perfect for the mom on the go! 
The Nars Blush in super Orgasm is another go to product. This blush looks great on everyone! It’s a little shimmery so it gives you that nice mommy glow that all the other mommies in music class will be envious of!
And the bronzer will give you that look of vacation. You know what I mean… That glow of sunshine and relaxation.
To set the makeup I use a translucent loose powder.

Don’t forget your mascara! This will help those tired eyes shine again. My favorite for awhile now is MAC Opulash in optimum black. 

Optional: Lash moisturizer I think this gives my lashes that extra oomph. It also helps lengthen and thicken. It is one extra step in the process but I really love it. 

Last but not least I spray my face with MAC Fix+skin refresher Finisher spray. Also another optional step but I like the way it feels! It sets your makeup making it last longer throughout the day. It also feels great in the summer! 

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the girl I was compared to the mommy I am today. Getting a little jazzed up sometimes helps me remember who I was and embrace the woman I am today! 

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Do you think the finisher spray would help the make up to hold up in the humidity?

Sam Lapid

I think it may help out to hold your makeup in place longer. A primer for under your foundation may help more to keep things in place too though! I don’t use one personally but I know that bare minerals has one that can help keep your makeup a little more intact with the humidity. Hope that helps!!


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