This weekend I decided it was time for my usual escape, mani pedi time! I usually go on a Sunday while my husband is home with our daughter and let them have some play time while I get pampered. After a long weekend of taking care of my daughter full time, it’s much needed! 

This time around at my favorite nail spot, Herbal Nail Spa , offered me a new type of nail service called SNS instead of a gel manicure. They told me that SNS is a soak off powder for your nails. After hearing how it was more natural than gel, helps your nails grow with added vitamins and doesn’t require UV light, I thought why not give it a try! Plus, they had over 400 colors to choose from! 

The end result: It came out beautiful! Looks as good as gel but actually feels a bit lighter on your nails. SCORE! I will definitely update you all when I see how the wear and tear is within the next couple of weeks. Because I’m always  active with my daughter with her many activities and washing my hands constantly, gel or SNS is my top choice for mommy manicures. Both lasting 2-3 weeks for easy maintenance.   

I know each person’s nails have their own products that work best for them, but this product is definitely worth a shot! 
To learn more about SNS Nails & find a location near you to get SNS visit: SNS nails

Written by Sam Lapid

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