My nightly routine has gotten significantly more complicated in the last six months or so. I was at my hair salon one evening waiting for my color to set in when the esthetician popped over to me and gave me a little skin lesson.
I was in the market for a new jar of eye cream when I asked her if I needed anything else in my daily routine. She suggested serum. When I heard this I thought of slimy gel for my face… I thought wrong. She handed me the white tube and told me to put it on under my lotion at night. Lotion at night?! YES! She then explained that our skin replenishes at night and how important it is that I wash, serum and lotion my face at night to rebuild collagen aka that stuff that helps wrinkles not develop. 
Sometimes lack of sleep makes me look a little run down the next day, especially my skin. Since I’ve taken the time to complete my nightly regimen, I’m happy to say it has changed my skin’s life! I’m definitely looking less wrinkled due to hydration (SCORE!) and bonus, my skin feels amazing! 
Even though it takes an extra ten minutes to get to bed, it’s worth it to hit the sheets a little later. Taking care of yourself will make you feel better, happy & younger! Try it! 
Here’s a peek into my nightly regimen

Gel Cleanser

Hydrating Lotion
lifting Serum
Firming Eye Cream

Written by Sam Lapid

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