I was not sure what to expect while taking a long road trip from Arizona to California for our annual family vacation with my side of the family. Keeping Amelia entertained even while home is quite the task let alone in her car seat for over 6 hours! 
Thanks to 3 of my favorite products the ride to California went extremely smooth.  

1. Zoli baby on the go snack stacker: This stackable snack holder can hold 4 different snacks separately. This kept Amelia busy and mostly helped not make her bored of eating the same snack the whole trip. The best part of this stacker is that it can be used for formula portions as well. It is great for traveling with young infants too! 


2. JJ Cole 2 in 1 mirror: Now this product was a life saver! This mirror really comes in handy when I am driving alone with Amelia during the day so I can see what she’s up to in the back seat. What’s great about this mirror is that it slides out and an iPad slides right in it’s place! We always said we wouldn’t be the parents who let our kids play on an iPad or even watch TV until they are at least 2. Well, that changed quickly! Amelia is extremely active so we are always looking for ways to distract her while we clean up meals or get ready for the day. Sesame Street is huge in our house so we downloaded The Best of Elmo and let her watch it during the drive. It was a huge help!  

3. Skip * Hop pronto changing station: Not only is this changer awesome for everyday use, but it is also a road trips BFF. Bathrooms are typically filthy on the road. This changer helps keep your baby a little more safe from germs and is also convenient for car changing. Bonus: It comes in a variety of prints to match your personal style!

I was especially nervous this road trip due to the length of the car ride but being prepared really helped us out. With the right snacks and a few mommy friendly gadgets your road trip can run smoother than expected! 

Here are a couple of highlight pictures from the trip! 


Written by Sam Lapid

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