Do you resort to buying a trendy item just because you think it’s cool even though it may never make it out of your closet? The most important thing about buying shoes, clothing or anything wearable is that it fits your lifestyle, especially if you’re a mom.
As I look through my shoe collection, I notice that I own a very distinct array of shoes. There are the flats, wedges & heels. Flats are pretty much my everyday choice. Having a 14 month old who is on the run constantly requires sandals or tennis shoes. The wedges and heels are pre-baby and are mostly (unfortunately) collecting dust. 
I decided that because most of my heels and wedges are a bit too high these days, I needed to find that magical inbetween shoe. A shorter heel or wedge that I could wear out with friends or even day time on vacation. That’s where these babies come into play! They are the perfect height and the style is classic yet funky. I can wear them day to night and rock them in shorts, skirts or dresses! Best of all… They are comfy! 

Shoes: Nordstrom

Written by Sam Lapid

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