This weekend we were invited to stay at a friends cabin up north with the whole family: me, my husband, Amelia and our mini schnauzer, Lucky.   


I was so thrilled to be getting out of the scorching hot, Phoenix heat! But what I didn’t prepare for was a teething, stomach ache ridden baby. To say this weekend was a bit of a nightmare is an understatement. Luckily our friends were pretty understanding! 

We definitely had some fun, relaxing moments which were really nice. While we all know babies are not perfect, it was still difficult to deal with our daughter’s sometimes wild behavior and of course heartbreaking to see in her in pain.

Relaxation was on the agenda, but that was not the case during this trip. For someone like me, high strung and a little anxious at times, it’s hard to go with the flow when you have a plan in place. Being a mom has taught me that plans don’t always go through how you wanted them to, or maybe not even at all. Things like cancelled plans with friends, take out instead of cooking and pulling all nighters in the nursery instead of romantic nights with the hubby are all the new normal.  

In moments of chaos there are 3 ways I can handle the situation, freak out or take a deep breath and remind myself that:

1. This is only temporary, and once we get over this particular hump everything will be back to “normal.”

2. Staying calm helps baby stay calm. A lot of times my daughter feeds off of my energy. If I focus on distracting her from whatever is bothering her, chances are she will calm down more quickly. 

3. Wine. Yes, wine! At the end of a horrible day when Amelia finally goes to sleep I like to reward myself with wine & even ice cream! 


That’s how I deal with a rough day… Let me know how you deal in the comments! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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