Being a full time mom to a 15 month old is a lot of work, but the BEST job in the world! I am so fortunate to spend time with my little girl each day watching her grow up before my eyes, although it does get quite tiring. Every once in awhile I believe in some solid down time for moms (and Dads too!). 
This past weekend, thanks to my amazing mom babysitting, my husband and I went on a very nice trip hosted by one of our close friends for his birthday. It was so much fun to spend with some fun people and most of all be my own person.

 It’s hard because I mostly identify as Amelia’s mom on a day to day basis. I used to just be Sam and responsible for myself. I’m constantly on duty for my little girl and focused on her needs 24/7 even when she is asleep. It’s a huge life adjustment and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in just being mom all the time. 

This weekend I learned that moms really need our freedom, even if it’s a few hours. Even though we partied a little too hard for our age, ate like pigs & didn’t sleep as much as we would hope, it was a nice recharge for me. Not having to be responsible for anyone but myself, and maybe my husband a few times, was so freeing. I really got to relax and be my pre-baby self, only a little more mature of course. No cooking, cleaning or diaper changing really does a mommy good! But there definitely is a downside to this vacation away, missing my baby! With a few sessions of FaceTime throughout the trip and harassing text messages to my mom, we made it through.

I think that being a good mom comes with a price, and that price is learning to take some time for ourselves. It’s unbelievably crazy how much love we have for our little ones but they will understand that we need time away. Maybe not now, but when they have kids themselves! 
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Written by Sam Lapid

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