I’m not sure exactly when it started but I’ve become quite a clothing hoarder and style fanatic. Clothing is everything to me. I love to put outfits together on a daily basis, even if it is a comfy look for the grocery store.
During pregnancy and after I had my daughter I went through some major body changes, resulting in 3 big wardrobe changes. First, obviously, I had to buy some maternity gear to accommodate my ever growing belly (let’s face it, ever growing everything!) After pregnancy I needed bigger, non maternity clothes that were baggy, to also hide that post baby belly.

Now that my daughter is one and I’ve been back on the fitness circuit hardcore, I’m experiencing what I tried to explain to my husband as a wardrobe transformation. I’ve been working hard to get my “pre-baby body” back and although I’ve surpassed my goal, some of my older clothes that fit again, just don’t fit with my life anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT giving away my favorite LBD but my new mommy style requires some new additions to my closet and a bit of a different look that I’m excited to explore. I decided that I needed basics that I can throw together that are comfortable, stylish (with the help of my accessories) and most of all, fit right!

Throughout all of these processes there is one thing I didn’t want to change, and that’s my love of dressing. It’s so easy to throw on some comfy clothes or even stay in your pajamas all day when you have a child and not care. But in all reality, it does make me feel better to put on a cute, easy outfit, and go about my day. Who says we have to compromise our look just because we have a baby?! Not me! My advice, put a little effort into your outfit and it could go a long way.

Here’s a little sample of an outfit I put together that is comfy yet stylish. Good news is that most of the outfit is on sale! Score!

Shirt: Madewell | necklace: similar one here J Crew Factory Outlet | shorts: similar style Urban Outfitters | shoes: Nordstrom

Written by Sam Lapid

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