Being Amelia’s mama is currently my main job in life, but aside from that I also have a paying job. I am fortunate enough to work for my family’s publishing business doing advertising coordination and styling photo shoots for product and fashion as well. 
My family publishes a local magazine in Scottsdale, Arizona called So Scottsdale. It is a lifestyle magazine that has been published in the valley for almost 10 years! We focus on bringing the people of Scottsdale local events, spotlighting people in the city and most importantly, featuring items that you can actually find in the area. That’s where I come in! Styling fashion is my favorite part of the job. It only happens once a month so I’m always extremely pumped to take it on.
After the creative director sets a date, I then find a local business to pull clothes from. This entails going to the store and borrowing the clothes for the photo shoot the day before. On the day of, I am in charge of crediting all the clothing, accessories and shoes to send off to the editor once the shoot is done. I have to write down the description of the item, the designer, price and what store we pulled the item from. I am also responsible for steaming the clothing if need be, taping the bottoms of the shoes and making sure the clothing and accessories are laying correctly on the model. 

 Sounds glamorous right? Not exactly. But the fact that I have the opportunity to work in the industry that I have always dreamed of makes me so happy. Let’s not get it twisted, this is no big time Rachel Zoe NYC styling job. This is small time compared to that, but to me, it’s big time. I’m able to stay in the state that I love and be with my daughter most of the time. The best of both worlds in my opinion! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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