I’m sure you’ve heard of “stacking” or the term “arm party”. This phenomenon has been around for a few years now and the possibilities are endless. Thick bracelets, cuffs, beaded, rhinestones, colorful, tasseled, the list goes on and on! 
Stacking is a way of expressing your style and, most of all, your creativity. The best part about stacking is that you get to wear all of your fun bracelets at once! I usually don’t buy stacks all together, but come up with a fun mix with what I currently have in my jewelry box. The key to this trend is to mix colors, metals and textures. This is where you can have fun and shop your own closet for bracelets you already have that can be worn together making a fresh, new look. Some people like to stack with their watch making it more of a chunky stack. I like to be somewhat matchy when I stack but really there aren’t any rules when it comes to your arm candy. 

So, the next time you see a fun bracelet don’t just think about what clothes you can wear it with, think about what other bracelets you can stack them with to make it even more fun!

From the top:

Small Beaded : Lily and Laura Bracelets
Chunky mint: Kendra Scott– different color but same style now on clearance!
Gold fringe: Purple Peridot

Written by Sam Lapid

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