You know when you get sucked into the makeup counters at a department store because their display is amazing and it just draws you in? The makeup girl shows you how she does her gorgeous eyeshadow in just 15 steps and you are hooked. You buy 5 eye shadows, 3 brushes and can’t wait to try it out on your next GNO. But… You don’t. Who wants to sit and do their eyeshadow with so many colors and brushes? More like who has the time! I don’t. Guess what, you don’t have to either. 
If you are looking for a quick eyeshadow routine that will take you no time at all, look no further! First, you need to find two shadows that will be neutral enough to wear with any color. I love woodwinked by M.A.C. I adore it so much I’ve bought it 5 times! It’s a lighter bronze color, but neutral enough that I can wear it with brown and black eyeliner. It looks great when you wear gold jewelry (yes I match my eyes to my accessories). 
Second, you need a lighter nude color with a little bit of shimmer in it. This will help brighten up your eyes. I like to use Nylon by M.A.C. 
From experience I’ve found it’s best to use an eye shader brush or really any brush you have lying around that’s more flat with bristles that are tighter together. You don’t want anything too fluffy or your powder might get all over your face. 
Dip the brush into the lighter color first and brush it from the inside of your eye about 1/4 of the way across. 

Wipe off the brush and then dip it into the darker color. Apply this onto the rest of the lid. It may look funny at first but the key here is blending the dark shadow into the light so that it’s almost like an ombré effect. I like to apply the dark color and then go back and apply more light into the inside of my eye again to give my eyes an even brighter look. 


Lastly, finish the look off with a little more Or the lighter color right at the brow bone to blend in the top of the eyes. This will give a more even finish. 


You can use this technique with really any color combination you choose. To make it a little more fall like, maybe experiment with a wine toned darker eye shadow! Just remember to blend it into the lighter shimmery eyeshadow so you don’t have a light going through your eyelid.

Written by Sam Lapid

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