Women are always complaining about the same issues when it comes to eyeshadow application. How long will my eyeshadow last and will it crease? 


I had the same issues when I first started wearing makeup. I loved the look but hated the wear. That’s until I started using M.A.C’s ‘Pro Longwear’ Paint Pot in ‘Painterly’.  This creamy primer for your eyes is a miracle product! I’ve been using it for years and have not had a problem with creasing or longevity! Don’t get me wrong, by the end of the day you aren’t looking as glamorous as the morning but my eyeshadow is usually still intact even after working a long day on the set of a photo shoot, taking care of Amelia AND making dinner. 
This product may look small for a hefty price but it lasts a very long time. You don’t need much when you apply it onto your lids. Before you administer your eye shadow just dip your finger into the paint pot and wipe your finger lightly across the top. Then put a thin layer of the primer onto your lids evenly. Apply your eyeshadow as usual and you will be impressed! 

This product is a complete makeup game changer. Don’t let those eyeshadow worries keep you from sporting those gorgeous painted eyelids! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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