This weekend I’m traveling solo for one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties. I’m so excited to get away and have a little mommy time I can hardly contain myself! 
Traveling in general is a ton of work, especially the packing part. I am a habitual over-packer which gets me in trouble with both my husband who usually lifts my bag for me, and of course the airlines with that big orange “HEAVY” tag. This weekend I’m attempting to pack light and to only bring the essentials. Everyone has their go-to items they bring with them each trip they take so I thought I would share mine here. 
My 5 must have travel products:


1. Protein/snack bars: My 2 favorite bars that I always stock up on at the store are KIND bars and, my new favorite, cinnamon roll Quest Bars. They are both packed with protein and low in calories, and did I mention also Gluten Free? These bars are great for a little pick-me-up between meals if your blood sugar is running low. 




2. Emergen-C packs: These little suckers are awesome if you are running low on electrolytes or if you are feeling a bit run down. If you feel a cold coming on or if you’ve had a tad too much to drink the night before, pour this small packet into a small glass of water and drink up! A cool bonus is that it gives you a little boost of energy as well. 



3. Honest Company hand sanitizing spray: Airports are full of germs so it’s nice to have this product on hand to keep you feeling a little more fresh and to prevent you from catching that cough from the person in front of you who is touching the same hand rail. I like the spray bottle because it’s easy to use and you don’t feel like you are dripping with sanitizer when you use it. 



4. DryBar’s Triple Sec spray in travel size: This spray for your hair is EVERYTHING! Not only does it smell amazing but it also has a dry shampoo in it, helping to preserve your hair or blowout so you won’t have to wash your hair as much on your trip! This spray also gives your hair great texture and volume too! 


5. Haute and Naughty Lash by M.A.C: Two words: double trouble! This mascara is great to pack in your makeup bag because it’s perfect for day or night. It has two brushes in one! One larger brush that is great for day time giving a thin, more volumized look while the thicker smaller brush is perfect for getting more dramatic lashes for a night look. 


Although I’m going to miss my husband, little girl and dog so much, I’m really looking forward to being my own person for a WHOLE weekend! Tell me some of your favorite things to pack on your trips in the comments! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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