During this time of year I’m always on the hunt for a long sleeved dress. Something fun with color that I can pair with tights and that’s versatile enough to wear dressy or casual. This dress is just that, I have finally found my match!
This flowy patterned dress is perfect for the holiday season with party invites galore and the temperatures dropping. Not only is this dress amazing but the site it comes from is fantastic as well. Eshakti looks like a regular online clothing site, but what you don’t know is that each piece they sell is fully customizable! 
You can choose a size like any other shopping site and your clothing will be shipped to you, but if that hasn’t worked for you in the past with online shopping, you can give your exact measurements for EShakti to customize your garment to make it fit perfect to your body! What if you hate the style of the sleeves or maybe want the dress a little longer for that first meeting with your husband’s extended family? No problem! EShakti allows you to change the style of the sleeves in the garment and even the hem length of a dress or skirt! 
Tailoring is a huge part of fit for most women when purchasing clothing. This site really takes that step out for you and makes it easy to receive quality fitted clothing without the hassle of taking your newly purchased clothing to a seamstress.

Written by Sam Lapid


Pamela White

Those black tights are fierce!! Please share details on where to find them!!


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