I’m a big sucker for accessories, especially necklaces. Before I got pregnant my collection of accessories was pretty expansive but when I got pregnant it got even larger. Since the selection of maternity clothing here in town wasn’t the best, I decided to buy a lot of basics and dazzle my outfits up with statement necklaces. It made me feel pretty and frankly, it was an excuse to buy more necklaces. After my daughter was born I stopped wearing a lot of my accessories due to her pulling and chewing on all of my pieces. As she gets older I realized that there is a solution to this, accessories that she CAN chew on. 

To be honest, I haven’t found a collection of jewelry that is chewable that I particularly liked, until now. This necklace I’m wearing here is the exception. I love that the beads are covered in this adorable printed fabric making it look stylish and less like a chew necklace for my baby. The best part is that after your baby is old enough to not chew, you can still rock this necklace. 



 Here I wore the necklace with a more chic night look to show how versatile it is. It can be thrown on with a t-shirt and jeans to give it a little wow factor or dressed up with an outfit like this. Don’t let accessories limit you, use them to give your outfit a one up. Remember that even if you are a mommy you can still wear those so-called mommy accessories like the chew bead necklaces, but you can pair it with whatever sassy outfit you please. Don’t let your mommy title limit your selection of clothing. If you’ve got it flaunt it, confidence is really your best accessory! 

Necklace: Getty Sew Crafty

Check out this handmade shop… This necklace is only $15! Happy Small shopping! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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