In honor of my daughter’s 2nd birthday this week, I have decided to blog about my favorite birthday books for kiddos! Right now she is obsessed with reading so they will also make great gifts for her! 
These are some great birthday books for really any age but mostly geared toward toddlers. Every night, Zoey asks me to read “If you Give a Pig a Party.” This book is part of a series by Laura Numeroff. Some of her other books include, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”, “If you Give a Pig a Pancake”, and “If you Give a Mouse a Muffin.” You may even be familiar with this series from your childhood days. There is also one specifically geared toward birthdays, “Happy Birthday, Mouse.” When I was teaching Kindergarten, my students loved this series too! What’s great about most of these books is that they come in board books. Perfect for rambunctious toddlers! 

photo by Jennifer Wicker Photography 

I’m Looking forward to celebrating my daughter Zoey’s 2nd birthday this weekend and reading her these awesome birthday books! See below for links to these celebratory birthday books to help get your families in the spirit of celebrating your children’s birthdays! 

If You Give a Pig a Party 
Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Suess 
Abby’s Pink Party
Happy Birthday, Mouse
How Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday 
Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake? 



photo by Jennifer Wicker Photography 

Written by Sam Lapid

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