When the rain starts outside, that means the indoor activities are in full force. It’s always challenging to stay on top of the activities, making sure my kids have enough stimulation to keep them occupied and learning throughout the day. Some of our favorite activities include: Play-Doh, Coloring, puzzles, Legos and most recently tea party (per my daughters request). While all these activities are fun, it can also be a headache to store and keep all these activities organized.

I’m a pretty organized person, so when it comes to kids toys, and especially arts and crafts, I’m always looking for ways to keep things neat, clean and accessible. I found this cute basket from Target awhile back and have used it to store their coloring books/markers. The chalkboard display lets me label it in a cute and fun way. I like that I can look in the basket, reach in and grab the activities they want for the day. I like to store their play-doh in clear plastic bins. I found these in a pack of 6 at Costco, which is a great deal since I can also use these bins for other purposes around the house.


Indoor activities can take up a whole section of your house, so to stay on top of it, and to make sure things don’t get unorganized in a chaotic way, invest in an organizational system, one that works for you and your lifestyle. I make sure to keeps things organized for my sanity, but also for my kids to learn that what we pull out to use, needs to go back into its proper place when finished. This is the only way to keep me sane from all the mess, and keeps the little ones happy to have all their activities readily available. Happy mom, happy kids!

Sam B

Written by Samantha Bannar

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