I’m completed shocked at how quickly this 47 Day Transformation is going! I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I signed up. I knew that it would be quite a challenge to stay on track and give up a lot of the foods I love. I didn’t consider myself completely unhealthy before, but I wasn’t too strict. I let myself have bread sometimes and didn’t keep track of my food. Now that I’m seeing what’s going into my body through Myfittnesspal, I’m much more conscious. I gave up dairy and gluten and I have not felt better. My energy levels are up, my stomach is feeling good and my skin looks amazing. My husband even agreed to stick to the eating and started working out more. The support is so helpful and makes it easy to make healthy breakfasts, lunch and dinners for all of us. I’ve found this transformation to be pretty transforming. I changed my whole pantry and refrigerator to healthier selections which makes it much easier to stay on track. My number one way to keep from eating unhealthy is not feeling deprived. I’m making this happen by experimenting with recipes for dinner. If I ate plain chicken and steamed veggies every night, I would not be able to handle this transformation. I find that using fun recipes from Pinterest really helps keep me having a variety of foods without straying from my healthy lifestyle. As you can tell I used the word lifestyle instead of diet. That’s right! After these 47 days are up, I plan to keep this household eating clean and healthy. I’m not saying we won’t go out for pizza or Mexican food every now and then but I want to maintain this healthiness in our household from now on. I’m definitely on the right track and I’m seeing my body tighten up, lost a little weight and shrinking in all the right places. Our trainer, Jeremy Scott keeps telling us to trust the process and that’s exactly what I’m doing, and it’s working! Here’s to 24 more days of transforming into who I want to be! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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