When I had Amelia in May 2 years ago, I didn’t think about potential birthday parties just yet. I’m a planner, but not that far ahead! What I didn’t realize until her first birthday was that it was HOT in May in Arizona. So hot, outdoor birthday parties could not exist, unless it was a pool party. Last year we held her first birthday at my parents house. It’s bigger than ours and honestly a lot nicer so it was a perfect fit. All of her friends were mostly one so it didn’t matter that there was no entertainment except some toys to play with on the floor. People came for the food, conversation and of course, the cake. This year, now that our tiny tots are 2, I had to rethink the birthday party situation. I needed to find an indoor venue that was suitable for 12 mostly two year olds. I called one of our local gymnastics places, where we have a membership, to see if they hold parties and they did. Indoors, check! Entertainment, check! I was really excited when I finally chose a date and booked it. Now it was time for me to work my party planning magic! 
I decided the entire party would revolve around the gymnastics theme. I chose an invite on etsy (my favorite) and went from there. 

The cake was modeled after the invite, the goodie bag tags matched the invite and the color scheme also matched the invite. Can you tell I’m matchy?! I’m the kind of person who throws a party and always goes all out. Sometimes I get a little stressed, ok maybe all the time, but it’s worth it in the end! This time around I didn’t stress too much and I spread out all of the things to do over many weeks. I did wait till somewhat of the last minute for the goodie bags, but in the end they came out amazing. I purchased a PDF for the tags through the same shop I got the invite so it would match and have a little personalization. I wanted to stick with the gymnastics theme and thanks to my husband we came up with an awesome super star goodie bag! 

How do I know this party was a major success? Not from the dozen compliments I received yesterday, but by the continuous smile on my daughter’s face the entire party! She was so happy, she danced, jumped and had a blast. My favorite part of the party was seeing her so happy! 

Tutu: Ohana Girls | invite + tags: The Party Town | Cake: 21 Cakes

Written by Sam Lapid

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