While I don’t miss the days of carrying a baby bag, I still do carry a ‘toddler’ bag when I go out with the kids. In the bag, I keep diapers, changing pad and wipes for my daughter, a change of clothes for my kids, snacks, and one of the most used and best investments, this first aid kit from me4kidz. This adorable first aid kit includes kid friendly Band-Aids, wipes, ointments, and stickers! It comes in a compactable container, which slips perfectly into this toddler backpack.


This kit has come in handy so many times. My kids are always on the go, which means scratches and bumps are bound to happen. Having this on hand makes taking care of their booboos easy, fast, and safe. The best part of this kit are the stickers that make any booboo go away in an instant and put a smile on my kid’s face. I would highly recommend adding this into your child’s bag, or even keep it in your car!

Sam B

Written by Samantha Bannar

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