Years ago when maxi dresses became popular, I was really into them. They are easy to throw on and make putting an outfit together super simple. One piece, throw some accessories on, cute sandals and you’ve got your outfit! The thing is, I bought so many maxi dresses in the past that I burnt myself out on them. I haven’t purchased one for two full years! On a recent little shopping trip during nap time, I was able to pick up a birthday gift for a friend and swing into a few stores all alone! That’s when I found this adorable tribal print maxi. 

The high collar with ruffle detail and drop waist look makes this the perfect brunch attire! Dressed up enough, without going too far. Super easy to chase my daughter around in this little number as well. This dress helped make my maxi love come back to life! Best part is, this dress was right under $50! 

Hope everyone has an amazing long weekend with their loved ones! Don’t forget to check out all the awesome sales and mostly to remember our troops who risked their lives to protect our country! 

Shop: maxi H&M | sandals Steve Madden 

Written by Sam Lapid

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