It’s fun to hear all the different types of nighttime routines when talking to friends who have little ones as well. They all differ depending on living situations, number of kids, etc. One common bond I did notice was that most people use the term ‘routine’. It’s either referred to as bed time routine or night time routine. Nonetheless, we can all agree that as parents, routine is key, especially right before bedtime. Our routine has changed and altered over time, but we still keep to a routine.

A typical night time routine for us includes a bath, brushing our teeth, singing songs, rubbing my favorite lotion on the kids, reading books, lots of kisses, and my daughters favorite, a dance, lol. It may not go in that exact order or run smoothly every night, but I’ve found it important to sticking to what my kids are used to, and finding that right night time routine for our family.  Do you all have a night time routine?

Sam B

Written by Samantha Bannar

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