I don’t know about you, but my jewelry gets REALLY dirty. Being a mom I’m constantly wiping something off of my daughters face, putting on lotion, washing my hands etc. I definitely don’t clean my wedding rings enough. My husband likes to joke and say my ring looks so cloudy it looks like a fake diamond. That’s usually my cue to go clean it up. 

I found a cheap way to clean your rings and other jewels at home! 

I’m sure there are tons of natural ways and at home remedies to clean your precious stones, but for me sometimes it’s easier to buy something than to worry about making a concoction. I found this cleaner at Target. You soak your accessories in the little tray, then brush clean with a handy brush located inside, and finally rinse them off and they are as good as new! I’ve tried a few cleaners over the years and this is definitely my favorite so far!

You can find my favorite cleaner HERE

Happy Polishing! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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