Eating healthy has become a way of life for me. Of course I have my chest meals and bites of not so healthy things here and there, but for the most part I stay on track. When I started the 47 Day Transformation, our trainers gave us tips and tricks of the trade. The people in my group also helped along the way. One product I came across while in the program was Arctic Zero ice cream. This stuff was a life saver! I’m 100% a sweets person. I am the kind of girl who will have dessert before or after any meal, doesn’t matter time or place! I love anything sweet. Donuts, ice cream, candy, chocolate, just to name a few. When someone told me about this ice cream and that I’m allowed to have it while doing the transformation, I was Excited! 

Not only did the ice cream fit my macros, it tasted yummy and satisfied my sweet tooth at night. I even got my hubby to try it too! Arctic Zero is low calorie, high in protein and guilt-free! It’s also los glycemic so it won’t send your body into sugar shock after you eat! 

They offer a ton of flavors to interest any pallet And provide chunky or smooth texture depending on your mood. Some of my personal favorite flavors are brownie blast, Snickerdoodle and newly pomegranate and cake barter. These light refreshing treats help keep you on track when you are craving something sweet. 

Arctic Zero was kind enough to send a box of flavors my way. Once I get through these bad boys, I plan to try their ice cream bars! I’ll keep you all updated on my review on those once I try them. 

If you are like me and wanted to make being healthy and fit a lifestyle, finding fun treats like this is key. Depriving yourself never works out when trying to lose weight, so why not indulge and have snacks like this to help along your journey! 

Happy snacking! 


Written by Sam Lapid

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