We are gearing up for Amelia’s first trip to Disneyland this coming Monday! I’m so beyond excited I can barely contain myself! My cousin is getting married this weekend, so I took it upon myself to plan a trip to Disney. My mom and sister insisted on being there when we took Amelia for her first time, so this was the perfect opportunity! My husband and dad aren’t the happiest about going to Disneyland, but they are ok sucking it up for a day of fun. I also think they will immediately change their mind once they see the look on our little girls face! 

Looks like she is already SO excited to me! She’s especially ready to have her own set of ears right when she walks in the park and to meet Minnie, Mickey, Anna and Elsa!

Lots of prep has gone into this trip, including clothing and shoe purchases. It’s safe to say we are all ready for this exciting long weekend of fun! There will be lots of excitement, souvenir buying and of course, EATING! 

While bringing a two year old isn’t completely ideal, I’m hoping this will be a trip we will all never forget! I’m looking forward to cooler weather and seeing lots of family and friends! Wish us luck on our road trip journey to California and I can’t wait to share about our big trip! 



Shirt: Modern Chic Kids on Etsy | shoes: Mini Melissa 

Written by Sam Lapid

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