The last week has been extremely difficult for many reasons. My little girl started preschool last Monday. It was so hard to drop her off and and see her cry! I broke down the second day of school in tears because of all the built up stress and anxiety that has come with making this decision.  Luckily one of the other moms had come up to me while I was crying to give me the biggest hug and told me it will all be alright. She too had dropped off her first child just a few years back in the same class and now is dropping off her second child in the class. She totally knows the ropes and I so appreciated that big hug from her that day, I may never forget it. 

Not only has Amelia started preschool, but she has also started her terrible twos. I thought I knew what a tantrum was before, that was a tropical storm compared to a now full blown hurricane! I don’t know how I will get through this craziness but I have to say, wine has really helped me through each night, hehe! 

While things have been crazy, there are also some perks of having a child in preschool. 

1. Actually getting work done! I work from home mostly and working with a toddler around is not so easy. I’m happy to say I’m so much more productive and get a lot more work done each day of school! My bosses will be thanking me too (your welcome mom & dad!)

2. Two words: TARGET ALONE! And other shopping spots of course. Last Friday was my first real day of freedom with not much work to do besides emailing from my phone so I took it upon myself to head to the mall.. Duh! My husband has been telling me to relax and so I headed to my sanctuary: NORDSTROM. I indulged in some new makeup and some fresh Lululemon duds to keep my spirits up from a hard week. 

3. Taking a pause on being called mommy. I love nothing more than being Amelia’s Mommy, but sometimes I get lost in this role and forget who I am and who I was before I was a mom. This is totally ok since this is now my new life, but I really think having a break, being able to dress up a little in something other than athleisure wear makes me a better mom. 

4. Bags, bags, bags! I get to wear all of my purses again!!! I’ve changed my purse every day this and last week. I’m cycling in all of my bags that I don’t get to wear on the regular due to lack snack and extra clothing space. 

I know this difficult time is just a phase. I know we will get through it. Having a two year old is tough. Transition with a two year old is even more rough. I just need to stay strong, not freak out and enjoy my nightly glasses of wine with a side of trashy tv! 

Cheers to all of you mommies going through twos and beyond! 


Written by Sam Lapid

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