“You’re off to great places! Today is your day!” – Dr. Seuss 

I’m sure I sound like a major cliche with the quote above but man am I feeling like a big emotional baby! Today my not so baby girl will start her first day of preschool! She is just shy of 27 months so I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to have her home with me all that time. I work from home and have an extremely flexible schedule, which I am so greatful for!

When I made the decision to sign Amelia up for preschool, I knew I was making the right one. She is extremely bright and is totally ready to make her way into her Play-based academic career. I’ve been building this day up in my head for months now thinking I would be calm, cool and collected, which is the complete opposite of the truth. I am filled with emotion and very nervous for today. I am the sole caregiver for my child everyday. My husband is very helpful and Amelia is just obsessed with him. My mom is phenomenal with Amelia and helps me out so much along with my amazing sister and mother in law.  I have great babysitters on hand whom I adore and so does Amelia. Besides that, it’s all me all day, everyday! 

I am excited for my “free” time to get work, errands and the occasional mani pedi. Change has always scared me and this is no exception. Today is very busy so I know I will get through the entire 4 hours without my mini me just fine. Here’s how my morning looks today:

6:00AM- workout 

7-8:40AM- breakfast, pack lunches, get Amelia dressed, shower and ready for me too 

9AM- drop off (hopefully without tears)

9:15AM-12:30- photoshoot for work

1:00PM- pick up 

So excited for this journey we are about to embark on. Amelia will not be leaving home without her new favorite school items:

Backpack- Hanna Andersson

Bento box- Yumbox

Sneakers- People 
Wish us luck! 

Xo. Sam 

Written by Sam Lapid

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