Sunglasses are one of my obsessions. I own many pairs and I’m pretty much addicted to buying a new pair at least once a year. That can definitely add up! As the years go on, I’m tending to spend less on things like glasses. I have to worry about little hands touching them and sending those little hands to college one day. 

I was trying to figure out the right gift for my husband for Father’s Day. He has one pair of sunglasses that he got awhile back that look a little worn. We were anticipating our trip to Hawaii so I thought a Hawaiian vacation themed gift is the perfect idea! I got him awesome Hawaii printed swim trunks and a pair of sunglasses from a newer store in one of my favorite outdoor malls. I had browsed in there before but haven’t thought to buy anything there yet.

 Warby Parker is the ultimate source for affordable glasses! Not only are their sunglasses under $100, so are their eye glasses as well! They work with a non-profit organization to give a pair of glasses when they sell a pair in their store. Love that! Here’s the kicker, they offer at home try on! They send you up to five pairs of glasses for you to try on before you purchase them, making online shopping easy peasy! 

After I got my hubby a pair, I decided it was my turn to rock some Warby Parker’s and to help out a person in need, of course. I got these gorgeous tortoise shell cat-eye shades that I wear EVERY day. 

If you are looking for some new sunglasses for a trip or just everyday wear, check out Warby Parker. Affordable and made well, not something you see everyday! 



Written by Sam Lapid

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