If you haven’t heard of Lularoe, you may be living under a rock. This basics clothing brand is a hit with many different crowds, especially us mommies. The clothes are staple pieces with a twist. Their fun patterned leggings, shirts, skits and more make wearing comfy clothes SO much fun! Lularoe has an array of sizes making any shape easy to dress.  The catch is, you have to ether buy online or at a party. The other catch, the prints and colors are limited! If you like something in your size, it is wise that you scoop it up ASAP! 

I’m not one to participate in a ton of online parties I get invited to. There are so many people that sell shakes, jewelry, skincare and more on Facebook. While I admire these ladies for making some extra cash or even creating a career so they can stay at home with their kiddos, I’m just not a huge online shopper. My sister in law introduced me to Lularoe recently. She is obsessed with the fun printed leggings she can throw on while playing with her 6 month old son, while still looking super cute. I was immediately interested but wasn’t sold on the leggings part since it’s SO hot here in Arizona. When my friend posted that she had become a Lularoe consultant, I had to see what her party was all about. I browsed all of the items and took a chance and ordered a shirt and a skirt. 

I got the items in the mail VERY quickly, and loved it all right away! The shirt is super soft and the skirt is nice and stretchy making it a comfy but stylish outfit. I paired it with some fun accessories making it the perfect outfit for a night out with friends! 

Don’t tell my hubby, but I think I’m pretty much obsessed. I already have my eyes on the next piece I’m going to purchase! 

Shirt: LulaRoe Randy Baseball Tee | skirt: LulaRoe Cassie 
You can join my friend Amy’s Lularoe shop pageby clicking here
See their YouTube page here

Written by Sam Lapid

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