I LOVE long, thick lashes. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. I’m not the kind of girl who always needs to wear makeup when I leave the house, but I’m also all about overall presentation. I enjoy doing my makeup and getting dressed into a cute outfit for the day! With a toddler around, I don’t have tons of time to get ready in the morning or anytime of day for that matter! 

Friday I decided to try something new and fun, eyelash extensions! I have a few friends that have them and rave about how they look good, feel light and make getting ready so much easier. They were so right!! 

I went to my friends at Amazing Lash in McDowell Mountain Ranch to get my first set of lashes. I walked in a bit nervous because of the unknown. When they scheduled my appointment they said it would be two hours, which I was a little apprehensive about.  My appointment was at 10AM. I filled out my paperwork and I was escorted by a really nice girl named Colby. She made me feel comfortable and right at home. We chatted the whole time while I sat back and relaxed in a cool room with a soft blanket. She applied each individual lash to my lids. When it was time to see my eyes, I was in shock. They looked AMAZING! I had not a stich of makeup on my face and I still thought, DANG girl, you look good! 

I was out of there by 11:30. I thought it would be long and grueling to sit that long, but it actually flew by and gave me a chance to actually do nothing at all. The process was pretty quick, easy and worth the results. 

Now that I’ve had the lashes a little less than a week, I know I’m addicted! Getting ready for the day is so easy! I’m able to put on some concealer, tinted moisturizer, powder, blush and go! So far, my friends and family have all loved them and thought they looked natural. I chose the natural looking lashes because it fits my style most, but at Amazing Lash they have 3 other styles to choose from if you would like a more flirty or dramatic look. Your lash specialist can also customize your length if you want a more subtle look too! 

I high recommend lash extensions to pretty much anyone who loves fuller lashes and for us busy moms on the go who like to be glammed up. While it is another expense, Amazing lash has packages that are more affordable than most places. It also saves money on mascara! 

Amazing Lash is located at  14692 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd #141, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 

Phone: (480) 207-2524 

Written by Sam Lapid

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