I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about taking my two year old to Disney for the first time. I wasn’t sure how crowded the park would be or how she would react to the park itself. Overall, the trip was actually a success! As we strolled her into the park, the look and wows were priceless! She was so entranced it made the whole trip worth it! 

My friends had told me about a breakfast where you can meet the characters and we decided to do this the morning before the park opened and it was the best idea ever! Disney holds a breakfast buffet at 4 of their hotels on property, each hosted by a different character and their friends. Under 3 is free and adults are $35. I thought it was a tad pricy but after seeing the look on my daughters face, I knew it was worth it! It was a great warm up for what was to come in the park and since the park doesn’t open until 10 on the weekdays, it gave us something to do. Amelia had never really seen characters in suits like this before, she was so excited but as they got closer, she definitely shed some tears and held on tight! All she can talk about now is how she met Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy and Stitch! 

We stayed at the park for approximately 6 hours and got lots of kiddie rides in. Amelia’s favorite is the tea cups, just like her mama as a kid. She was not a fan of waiting in line, but I don’t think anyone is a fan of that anyway! The lines weren’t too long in the end but to a toddler, it was constantly my turn! We were lucky enough that she napped for a whole hour in her stroller, leaving mommy a moment to rest on a bench on main street with an ice cream sandwich all to herself! :) 

Even though she may not remember this trip fully, I’m so happy we made this happen! My parents and sister were able to join us making the trip a whole lot more fun and easier on me. We had such a good time and as always, ate our way through the park. 

We all stayed at a fabulous hotel near by called the Majestic Garden Hotel. It’s a Disney Good Neighbor hotel, with a shuttle all day to take you to the park and Downtown Disney. Their suites are amazing if you are coming in with kiddos. They have a sitting room and a pullout couch which is amazing. They also provide cribs for your tiny babes too! It was a lot more affordable to stay here than the Disney hotels on property so if you are looking to save a little and get more room for your money, this is the place to be! Our room had an amazing view of the fireworks from the park at night too. Amelia is too young to be at the park all day, so it was so much fun to have her watch the fireworks from our room with us before bedtime! 

While I told myself that this would be the last trip for awhile to Disney, we are contemplating going again with friends in October! We might be crazy, but your kiddos are only small once and you might as well live it up and enjoy their time while they are small and love the little things in life! 



Written by Sam Lapid

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