When it comes to toys we are completely guilty of over buying around here. Birthdays are a complete toy fest and we accumulate many toys over the year from grandparents and friends. The only problem is that my daughter gets sick of these toys very easily! She’s always playing with whatever she can get her hands on. Makeup, shoes etc. 

When Pley.com generously offered to send us a month subscription to their toy library I took them up on it immediately! They have a variety of toys for every age and the subscription starts at just $12.99 per month. They let you switch up your set as many times as you would like in the month too! If you are short on space and your child gets sick of toys easily, this is the subscription for you! 

I chose A Duplo train set for our first toy package and set it up while she was napping. When she woke up, she was so excited to see a new toy waiting there for her! She’s been playing with it every day since.  

The only downside is that if your child does get attached to the toy, they may get sad when they have to send it back. If you have an older child, they can help you pick out the toy each order which could be a fun activity as well! 

To sign up go to www.pley.com



Written by Sam Lapid

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