Boo! Finding a fun topic is always key when trying to get your kid to love reading. My daughter is now 2 and half and is currently obsessed with everything Halloween. Last year she was excited and knew what was going on for the holiday, but we only made it to a couple of houses for trick-or-treating. This year, she pretends to trick-or-treat around the house and loves seeing all the Halloween decorations around our neighborhood. Everyday she asks if it is Halloween yet! 

Since I used to teach, I have many Halloween books. I am also a sucker for buying children’s books. Every mom knows when you walk into Target with a child- you are bound to buy a few unnecessary items or toys. These past few trips, we have just been stocking up on Halloween books. This keeps her entertained in the shopping cart while I shop, which is an added bonus! We now have quite the collection! My daughter’s favorites are “The Spooky Wheels on the Bus”, “Click, Clack, Boo!” and “5 Little Pumpkins”.

Happy Halloween! 


Written by Sam Lapid

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