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Dress Up That Sweater!

Dress Up That Sweater! It’s sweater weather my friends! It’s finally cool enough (even here in Arizona) to rock your favorite cold weather layers! I’ve been waiting for this moment all year long and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. I am not a huge sweater fan or any other Fall wardrobe… Read more »

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Pretend Play

This post is sponsored by Little Cosmetics but the content and the opinions expressed here are my own LITTLE COSMETICS PRETEND MESS-FREE MAKEUP If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for your mini me, look no further! When I came across Little Cosmetics years ago, I knew that this would be a toy… Read more »

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Stress-free Baking

      THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS OR SPONSORED CONTENT Stress-free easy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies Being a wife, Mom, blogger, stylist and so much more, I don’t have a ton of free time. One thing I have been putting aside extra time towards is fun activities with my daughter. Fun things that… Read more »

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It’s all Greek to me!

When it comes to Mediterranean food, I’m a HUGE fan! I could eat hummus, Greek salad, gyro and the list goes on, every day! Lately I’ve been trying to eat at home more to be a bit more frugal and healthy so I’m getting creative with my lunch time meals. I’ve finally perfected my Greek… Read more »

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Horrible, no good, terrible twos

Don’t be fooled by this adorable photo you see here. Sure she looks like she’s the sweetest girl in the whole wide world, and actually she is, when she wants to be. As soon as my daughter hit one and a half, I could swear the terrible twos already kicked in. I was wrong! I… Read more »

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Turkey Day Activity

“Turkey day is next!” as my daughter Zoey says everyday while she looks at all the Thanksgiving decor around our house. As you know, I love themed books. I have collected so many themes throughout the years of teaching. One of my favorite books that I read every school year around Thanksgiving is “I know… Read more »

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Sunday Date Night 

This last Sunday, I decided to take my husband and daughter on a date. Yes you read that correctly, husband AND daughter! I had won a contest on Instagram through another mommy blogger (shout out to my girl Angel from Yay! Baby blog) for a date night at a local spot called Pinspiration. I’ve heard… Read more »

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Taking it Day by Day

As I lay here in bed at 8PM on a Sunday night, my husband is currently putting our 2 and a half year old to bed. Bedtime gets pretty crazy around here but we tend to stick to a pretty strict routine. My daughter has never been a good sleeper, we’ve tried EVERYTHING! Reward charts,… Read more »