Dress Up That Sweater!

It’s sweater weather my friends! It’s finally cool enough (even here in Arizona) to rock your favorite cold weather layers! I’ve been waiting for this moment all year long and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. I am not a huge sweater fan or any other Fall wardrobe staple pieces really only because I am not used to wearing clothing that covers up my entire body. I am a dress loving, shorts wearing, Arizonan who loves the sunshine! I tell myself every year that I will finally buy clothes that I actually like and not just shop the sale rack for whatever I decide is OK for the time being. You see, being in the warm weather for most of the year, I tend to invest more money in my Spring and Summer wardrobe. Every year when it finally cools off, I reach in my closet for something to warm me up and I end up hating EVERYTHING! This year with the help of  7 Charming Sisters, I was able to help spruce up my existing and new sweaters! Adding a statment necklace to an otherwise plain sweater gives it that extra glammed up look. This will help take your existing clothes up a notch leaving you a bit more satisfied with your cold weather gear.

I finally feel like my Fall/Winter wardrobe is back in action and ready to take on the cooler weather. 7 Charming Sisters truly has something for every woman.

They offer 7 different collections of accessories from a group of friends who curated necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more for every kind of woman! No matter what your style, they have a bauble for you! I am so happy I finally found some great sweaters to add to my collection and a way to make my older styles pop again! I added this turquoise cuff to my new red turtleneck to give it a more modern feel with a pop of color. This could be perfect for a friend’s Holiday party or a fun night out with your girlfriends!

Sometimes you just need a few new accessories to make those sweaters snazzy again!


Shop the necklace HERE

Shop the bracelet HERE

This post is sponsored by 7 Charming Sisters but the content and the opinions expressed here are my own

Written by Sam Lapid

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