Don’t be fooled by this adorable photo you see here. Sure she looks like she’s the sweetest girl in the whole wide world, and actually she is, when she wants to be. As soon as my daughter hit one and a half, I could swear the terrible twos already kicked in. I was wrong! I am now seeing that was nothing and now is the real deal! 

We have great days with lots of hugs, kisses and dance parties. She is literally the most adorable, huggable girl I ever did meet. On the bad days, shit is bad! Attitude, tantrums and the word NO is what fills those horrible days. At the end of these days I feel like crying even more than I did all day already. I also need copious amounts of wine to numb me from all the craziness that went on throughout the day.

 I was at the park yesterday while my child was hitting her supposed BFF numerous times and throwing multiple tantrums and I looked over at this perfect group of mom friends. They were all smiling with their toddlers in tow in their cute workout gear, hair pulled back in hats and their second children buckled into their carriers all behaving perfecting. I asked myself, “why can’t I be like them?”  Now I know what you are thinking, duh because you are not them! Who knows what happened when I left or in their private residences. I was at a serious low point when I asked myself that as I escorted my screaming toddler away from the park and to our home. 

I eliminated television for the day in attempt to punish my child somewhat, which was actually pleasant. I also tried to stay off of my phone as much as I could. I could tell my child needed some undivided attention and that something was just not right. Let’s face it, we all have our days. These crazy days where we just want to give up. We just want to run away and never look back but then realize we would never actually do that because we love our little ones so dearly. Nothing is perfect and I have to remember that. I also need to remember that having a child means that everything is ever changing. If you think things are easy, just wait until tomorrow. Each new day brings happiness, sadness, craziness, yelling, crying, smiles, hugs, kisses, NO and more. I am happy to say that I got through that bad day and I will infact get through more bad days, with the help of a good support system at home and well, wine of course! Just remember that there is more than meets the eye. I’m sure I have my moments where I look like I have it all together, and sometimes I totally do! Most days I’m a chicken with its head cut off trying to win the race that is motherhood and that’s ok! 

Cheers to all of your mamas dealing with the terrible twos! You deserve that glass of wine! 


Written by Sam Lapid

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