This last Sunday, I decided to take my husband and daughter on a date. Yes you read that correctly, husband AND daughter! I had won a contest on Instagram through another mommy blogger (shout out to my girl Angel from Yay! Baby blog) for a date night at a local spot called Pinspiration. I’ve heard amazing things about this crafty spot letting you make your own Pinterest inspired creations. With the help of their supplies and tools there is no Pinterest failures here! I won a session in their famous splatter room. I thought that it would be totally cool if I took my hubby out for this date night, but in the back of my head I couldn’t stop thinking about how my daughter would LOVE something like this. She always begs me to paint at home and let’s face it, every toddler loves making a mess! So I thought I would embrace the fact that I’m a mommy and that sometimes a toddler on a date can be ok. Guess what? It was not ok, it was amazing!

 We got into our coverups, stepped into the room and we were all right at home. We started splattering onto the canvas with lots of colors including glow in the dark neon shades. There was a light switch to turn off the lights and a black light came on so the glow paints would really show up. We spent about 30 minutes in there covering the canvas with lots of splatters and a few smears thanks to our daughter and had such a blast! 

Afterwards we went for pizza at a local staple called Oreganos. They had each child a ball of pizza dough to play with right when you walk in, it’s a life saver! We all had so much fun and ordered way too much food! 

All in all, it was such a fun evening. We bonded just the three of us and even took a vow to have a date once a month to do something new and fun with our little one. It’s very important as a mommy and daddy to get out alone, but it’s also important to get out and try something new with your kiddos too. It helped us disconnect and be outside of the everyday norm in our house, let loose and have a little fun! 

Pinspiration is located on High Street in Phoenix, AZ. 

Written by Sam Lapid

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