Need a good kids book as a gift for the holidays? I love to get my daughter holiday themed books for the holidays. She usually gets one for each night of Hanukkah. It is a tradition that I have been doing since her first Hanukkah. These two books are great gifts for the holidays! Both of these books show kids the holidays are more about giving then getting. Each story is about shelter dogs. Both are super cute and my daughter loves each story. In “What Dogs Want for Christmas” each dog in the story asks for different Christmas presents. It’s adorable. My daughter Zoey loves to read this book and name all the dogs and what they want for Christmas. In “Latke, the Hanukkah Dog”, Latke is adopted and causes trouble but in the end the family is very grateful for the special Hanukkah gift. I actually bought this book for Zoey this Hanukkah so she hasn’t read it yet. Shhh! Don’t tell her about the surprise! Hopefully, our dog Buddy, won’t spill the beans 😀
Happy Holidays!


Written by Sam Lapid

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