Riley and Frankie go to the Beach!

When it comes to bedtime routine, we have a pretty set schedule around here. Miss sassy pants eats dinner, gets a bath, hops into her jammies and then it’s story and snack time. I am constantly struggling to find books for my daughter as she grows. We had tons of baby board books for her when she was young and started reading to her pretty early on. As she gets older, I am always on the hunt for age appropriate books that are fun enough to hold her attention but that also have some sort of learning component.

Riley and Frankie go to the Beach by Kim Clark is just that! It is a super adorable book with an adventurous tale about Dalmatian siblings that hit the beach for the day. Riley is Frankie’s older sister and she takes him to do many activities on and around the beach. Frankie being the younger brother goes along with what his older sister says and she teaches him many new tricks. Riley never lets Frankie rest and takes on a full day of fun. Our favorite part of the book is when Frankie, the little brother, teaches Riley, his older sister, a new trick! This gives Frankie a boost in confidence which is so important to teach our youth.



The illustrations are just as fun as the story and kept my daughter engaged the entire book. She even insisted on reading it herself saying, “dogs, dogs, dogs”.  She loves dogs since we have one at home too, so this is just the perfect book for her! This is also a great book for your kiddos if they love pups and the beach too! With the Holidays approaching quickly, this pub will make a fabulous gift, as well.

Having a good routine and an even better book to read before bed, sure does help the night go smoother!

You can purchase Riley and Frankie go to the Beach and to read more about the real Riley and Frankie go HERE

Happy reading friends!
XO Sam



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Written by Sam Lapid

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