Enjoying the Simple Moments


Let’s face it, no one really loves to clean. I am totally guilty of buying time to clean the house by making excuses or even having good excuses like spending time with the family. With holiday season in full swing, my time to keep the house clean is getting smaller and smaller. We have tons of parties happening and even hosting. Our calendars are filled to the brim almost every day of the week currently and while it is all for fun events, that gives me less time to keep the house up to my standards. You see, I am actually quite the clean freak. I know it may not look like it when you walk into my house on most days, but deep down, I love a clean house! With a husband, a pup and a 2.5 year old, things get CRAZY around here. We are running out of space due to an influx of toy overload and that is not helping our organization either.


Instead of making myself nuts with all of the household chores that take up a ton of time, I started using Bona cleaning products. They have the exact cleaning supplies that I need for my floors to get them clean quick, leaving more time to enjoy the simple moments with my daughter and family. I used the Bona floor mop and duster with the disposable dusting cloths to dust the floors and it made the world of a difference! It made the floors appear less filthy and took about 10 minutes to do the ENTIRE house! I also love the Bona wet cloths for my hardwood floors. We can actually walk around the house barefoot without our feet being full of disgusting dirt.



I finally found a solution to balance my cleaning and family schedule. On top of that, I won’t feel so bad when my daughter drops food on the floor and decides to eat it anyway since my floors will be cleaner. We can finally feel good about using the 10 second rule! Even better, she loves to help with the cleaning too! Double win for this mama!

If you are wanting to try out Bona cleaning products you are in luck! They are holding a fabulous giveaway now that you must enter!


Happy cleaning!


Written by Sam Lapid

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