Take a Peek

With peek-a-bear

My daughter is currently obsessed with books. She loves to read anytime of the day whether she on the couch in between a play break, on the potty or at night in bed before sleep time. As her mommy, I am not opposed to this new healthy obsession! Her favorite thing to do is pretend to read the books on her own. She is into making up her own words to all of her books and when she is done she loves to say, “The end”. I really enjoy hearing the stories her little imagination comes up with! She’s growing up way too quickly and any chance I get I listen in closely to hear all that she has to say. Her stories always contain some sort of song from the radio or from her favorite movies. Her new favorite book to pretend with is take a peek with Peek-a-bear. What’s great about take a peek with Peek-a-bear is that it’s interactive!

She used to love the textured books as a young baby and this book is just that but for older children. This book takes you on an fun journey with a cute little bear who goes on quite the adventure in the sky, under water, on a train, and even in space! Each page has a fun flap to lift to discover what peek-a-bear sees on his escapade. What I love about this book is the look my little girl gets on her face when she discovers the fun things under the flaps! She feels so accomplished and makes her feel like she’s a part of peek-a-bear’s great adventure. This age appropriateĀ publication is perfect for toddlers who love to interact and uncover new things while reading. It takes a lot to keep my smarty pants entertained, and this adorable read sure gets the job done! If you are constantly looking for books for your toddler like me, look no further! You will adore peek-a-bear and all of his little friends along the way.

Happy Reading friends!


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Written by Sam Lapid

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