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With a new year, new resolutions and goals are made.  We all want to do better at life whether its organization, being more present, working on our fitness or getting back in the kitchen. (All of those are definitely my goals) All of us busy mommies know that cooking isn’t always easy. We have jobs, kids, significant others, hobbies, families and more to think about. We always have a ton on our minds and meal planning sometimes isn’t one of them. Eating at restaurants, especially during the week, is definitely not an option for us with a two and a half year old. Bringing in food is always an option but that gets pricey, old and unhealthy very quickly.

Ever since the holidays began I have been slacking majorly when it comes to cooking. We were eating leftovers of any kind, ordering in and eating anything I had in the freezer until our Hello Fresh box arrived! Hello Fresh is a weekly food subscription that comes to your door. The enormous box they send contains all of the ingredients your family needs to create 3 delicious dinners. Each chef worthy recipe is not only easy to follow, but also simple to complete. Even my hubby got in the kitchen for one of the meals!

The prep time is minimal and the cooking itself is speedy. The best part is, you have an impressive meal at the end of it! If you are tired of the same old boring recipes you make each week and don’t necessarily have time to meal prep and grocery shop, Hello Fresh is just for you!


We received three meals for a family of four. While we are not quite a family of four, this amount of food was great for us. It left us with tons of food left over making it easy to pack my husband lunch the next few days. Each meal was extremely tasty and made cooking feel fun and easy again.

It was so awesome not to have to meal prep for the week and do a huge shopping at the grocery store. We made creamy tomato bisque, honey mustard chicken with veggies and garlic shrimp pasta.

Each recipe came with all of the ingredients to make the dish with an exception of butter and olive oil.

Juggling work, parenthood, and being a wife is crazy, fun and a lot of work sometimes. Finding things I can implement in our daily routine to make life easier, like a meal subscription service helps ease a little bit of that craziness.  This not only helps lower the stress level but it also allows for more quality time to be spent with the ones I love. Having my husband pop in the kitchen one of the nights to cook totally made my day! My two and a half year old even helped me one night to make tomato soup! She LOVED to help and it made her feel so important! These days with our kiddos while they are small are limited so why not make things a little more simple if we can!

If you want to try Hello Fresh for the first time my readers get $35 off their first box! Just enter BOTTLEANDBLUSH35 at checkout to get your discount :)

Happy Cooking,


This post is sponsored but the content and the opinions expressed here are my own

Written by Sam Lapid

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