I could tell that my hubby was feeling a little stressed and not acting quite like himself the past few weeks. Between dealing with me in my first trimester (I’m a nightmare), a toddler with tantrums, work stress and more, he was definitely having a rough time. I knew I had to step in to help him cheer up. I wanted to make him feel special and loved. When you are in the daily grind, sometimes you get lost in the day to day chores and other things surrounding you and forget about showing your spouse some extra love. I am totally guilty of this, especially right now with my raging hormones and pregnancy brain. 

I decided to take my toddler on an outing to our favorite place, Target! She was sick ALL weekend and part of this week so we needed to venture out to get some fresh air. As I was browsing the holy grail “dollar section” an idea came to me. One of my fellow blogger mommies and friend of mine Shahla from Tree House Threads Blog put up a very cute project for her and her family a couple of weeks ago. It’s a jar that they put in notes of something they love everyday. I thought it was a great idea! I used this idea and turned it into my own with a jar of love notes for my husband from my daughter and I. We sat down, decorated a mason jar with glittery stickers (my daughter’s favorite part), then came up with multiple reasons why and what we love about Daddy. We wrote each individual love note on pretty doilies, folded them up and popped them into the jar. 

When my husband got home from work that night, my little was so excited to give Daddy his present. When he opened the jar and started to read all of our notes, his face began to light up. His coloring got healthier, his smile came back and you can tell he was feeling the love. 

This made me feel so happy and warm inside seeing him transform back into himself again. Sometimes we all get into little ruts and it’s no fun. Reaching out to a loved one or friend with a little DIY project or even just a little note could make more of an impact than we think. It was not only fun to compete a DIY project with my daughter, it was also fullfilling to watch my spouse brighten up. 

This project cost under $10 and was SO easy to complete. It’s the perfect pick me up or makes a cute Valentine’s Day gift as well! 

Happy Crafting! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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