Hi everyone! I haven’t blogged in a VERY long time. Things got a little crazy over here with being a mommy, work, and now being pregnant again. This time around things are a lot different. Chasing a toddler around makes things a bit more interesting and makes this preggo mama a lot more tired! Nap time is dedicated to naps for my wild and crazy girl and now for me too. I am super lucky that I work from home so most days you can find me napping and/or watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

This time around my maternity style has changed a lot too. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was SO excited to shop for maternity clothes. I got a good collection of dresses and lots of basics for the warm months. I am feeling a little different this time and not wanting to jump into my maternity clothes just yet. You see before getting pregnant this second time, I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. My changing body has me a little freaked out this go around and I’m having a little bit of a hard time excepting it. 

Being pregnant over 3 years ago, I didn’t have a ton of options that I knew of for clothing. There are a lot more options online that I had no idea about. When I discovered Pink Blush, I was amazed. Clothing for mommy’s for before AND after pregnancy. Not only just clothes, but stylish on trend clothes. I know when I put in the effort getting ready for the day, I feel a lot better about myself. Add in a cute dress and I feel like one hot pregnant mama! That’s exactly what this dress did for me! I wore it to a brunch for a friend’s birthday and I got a ton of compliments. It made me feel great about myself with little effort.

 Finding a good dress is hard but once you do you can throw it on with cute sandals and your choice of accessories and feel good without trying too hard. The best part is that I was incredibly comfortable too! Basically, you will find me living in this dress all summer long! I think this dress will also be great for after I give birth as well. I can take down the top for easy nursing access and feel comfortable even with a little extra weight on my bones. 

If you are looking for a cute dress or even separates Pink Blush is definitely the site for you. I’m excited to get some new fun dresses for our upcomibv family vacation and even splurge on a bathing suit or two! 

Happy shopping mamas! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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