As a busy mom who works at home and now pregnant with my second kiddo, I try to find ways to make my life easier when it comes to buying everyday things for my household. I’m all about curbside grocery pick up and getting things delivered straight to my door nowadays since I have a crazy little red head to look after and many other stressors in my everyday life. That’s why I order a lot of things on amazon. My husband was reluctant to give me the password at first since he knew I would be completely hooked, but he realized it would make his life a lot easier too. Happy wife, happy life! 
One thing that we can’t live without in our household is toilet paper! Because I’m pregnant, I’m using the restroom at least once an hour and with a newly potty trained toddler it’s pretty much the same for her too! Our favorite toilet paper is Truly Bath Tissue. It’s now available to purchase on Amazon TODAY which makes life a lot easier. We can get our favorite rolls delivered right to our front door with just a click of a button! Not only is it easy to order, but it’s also cost effective as well. You get double the roll for half the price! A lot of other tissue leaves my daughter’s tushie a little linty and could cause her some discomfort, Truly leaves her feeling comfy and clean throughout the day. 
For a limited time my readers will receive 25% off a 24 pack of Truly Tissue Paper when you order on Amazon! 

Click HERE to order your discounted rolls! 

Remember it’s FREE 2 day shipping when you order through Amazon Prime! 

This post is sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Written by Sam Lapid

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