My husband is constantly reminding me how we need to cut back on all of the junk in our house and minimize our belongings. I don’t blame him, we have a lot of stuff! As soon as I had my baby shower for my daughter, things got very real. Tons of gifts began arriving in the mail and huge baby essentials took up the entire house. We knew it would happen sooner or later, but we didn’t think it could get any worse. As our daughter grew, so did our stock pile of toys. My parents are infamous in our home for buying our daughter numerous useless toys that continue to clog up our space. While it does make our sweet girl extremely happy to receive the fun gifts, it makes our minimalist hearts ache. My husband is always hinting at the grandparents to give money toward our girl’s college fund instead of giving her overpriced clothing and knickknacks. 

Now that we discovered Kidfund, this dream can become a reality. Kidfund is an app that you and your closest friends and family can download that makes it easy to contribute to your favorite child’s savings account. With Kidfund, it’s easy to set up a savings account for your child, schedule recurring transfers, and give to the kids you love most. Not only is this app helpful for your child’s future endeavors, but it’s also a fabulous tool to teach children how to plan for their future. I learned about money in the fourth grade from one of the best teachers I ever had. She taught us how to balance a check book and pay bills. This was one of the most valuable lessons in my history of schooling. Being a responsible child turns into being a responsible adult when it comes to finances. When I had my Bat Mitzvah at 13 years old, I was gifted a lot of money from friends and family. My parents did let me spend a few hundred dollars of it, and helped me save the rest, I took the rest of the money and used it as a down payment for my first car! Not only was this great for my family to not have to help me out with that, but it was also rewarding for me! 

With Kidfund, we can encourage our loved ones to give to our children the lesson and gift of savings for their future. You can also choose to donate a portion of your child’s savings to accounts for low-income kids, so that they can afford the costs of higher education. So you can have a serious impact on the lives of other children, while preparing for the future of yours. 
To learn more about Kidfund and to download the app, click HERE

Written by Sam Lapid

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