Keeping your kids busy, especially during the summer, is definitely a tough task for any parent. I know I’m struggling lately especially because we are mostly stuck indoors with temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees some days here! I’m always looking for new ways to entertain my precocious and rambunctious three year old. We aren’t a huge iPad or screen time family but when we need help, we definitely go there. When my husband and I want to learn about something new, we head right to the internet and Google whatever the topic is and we read an article or watch a video tutorial to learn more. I never thought about doing the same for our daughter! 

Kiddo TV is just that! Kiddo TV is a YouTube channel with tons of resources to not only keep your kids busy, but to also teach them important life lessons. After browsing through the channel I discovered three different useful parts that both my daughter and I enjoyed. Easy Magic is a series of videos that help teach kids magic tricks that are easy enough for them to comprehend and that mostly use everyday household items. My daughter just had a magician come to her school so she was extremely excited to learn how to do some magic on her own. It was such a fun activity for us to do together and we even impressed my husband with a fun little show showing off our new magical skills! 

Fitzy the Monster is a super cute creature who teaches kids the basics of life. Anywhere from getting some daily exercise or brushing your teeth, Fitzy has got your little one covered! He’s adorable and has the magic touch when it comes to teaching your kiddos useful life lessons. My daughter especially loved the daily exercise tutorial.

 She has a ton of energy and this little video got her moving a grooving. I was surprised how quickly she caught on and got into the video, then again Fitzy is pretty darn cute and convincing! We will definitely be watching the table manners video next since that’s definitely something we need to work on. I think sometimes it takes a different source of learning to get my daughter on board for new ideas. She’s in a new phase of not listening so having this resource for her is very useful! 

Another great series on Kiddo TV is Art Lessons. My mini is obsessed with arts and crafts right now.  When I saw a lesson about watercolors and crayons, I knew she would just go crazy for it. The woman instructing the kids in the video is extremely patient and has great ideas for the kids to follow along to. 

While some of these are a little elaborate for a three year old, I still think my daughter was able to get the general idea and follow along just as if she was in an art class! This kept her busy painting for awhile which was really nice! This particular video instructed the children to use their crayons to draw before they use their paints. It was all fun and games when she asked me to draw her a flower to paint and then she threw me for a loop when she asked me to draw her a shark. I picked my jaw up off of the floor and put myself to work and boy was she impressed. Luckily she hasn’t seen many sharks drawn in crayon! 

With the help of the internet, kids are staying more busy than ever. When it comes to going online I like to keep it pretty minimal and educational. If it’s something that benefits her, I’m definitely down to try it. Kiddo TV is educational and brings the classroom home. If you aren’t able to leave the house much because of the heat, or afford an after school art class, or just want to pass the time after nap, this is the perfect option for you!
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*This post was sponsored by Kiddo TV but the views and options expressed here are my own*

Written by Sam Lapid

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