Let’s face it, time spent on myself is limited these days. With a three year old always on the go, a home remodel and being almost 33 weeks pregnant, I am spending less time on me lately. I know that giving up this precious time to primp and meet my basic needs is important but so is everything else going on. One thing I that I am adamant about keeping up on is my skin. I don’t get around to getting enough facials so I am constantly working on perfecting my at-home skincare routine. I make sure I take my makeup off each night before bed, wash my face, apply serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Living in Arizona, my skin is EXTRA dry so this means exfoliation is very important to my skin. 

One of my favorite treatments to get done, when I get around to going to my favorite local medspa, is microdermabrasion. I always leave feeling like my skin is refreshed and rid of the dead skin and dirt from my day to day routine. If you are not familiar with microdermabrasion, it’s a light cosmetic procedure to gently remove the outer most layer of dead cells. It almost feels like a small vacuum on your skin that sucks out all the yucky stuff your toddler wipes all over your face each day. 

With all of this life happening, I have found that some of my favorite spa treatments can be done right at home! This is when I discovered RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin, A professional grade home microdermabrasion system. 

This handy little tool does exactly what the professionals do at the Medspa. Even if you haven’t ever tried microdermabrasion, you can safely use this on your own at home. My first try with this went extremely well and quick. I followed the directions provided thoughroughly and once I got the hang of the technique I was sucking that dead skin off like a pro! When I was done with the treatment, my skin was super soft and glowing! I was so excited and proud, I decided to talk my husband into letting me do his face too! He was a bit apprehensive since he isn’t a huge fan of the medspa himself, but once I was done, he was very impressed. After looking at all of the dead skin that was removed, we knew we couldn’t go back to just washing our face daily. Using the Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD a couple of times a week has significantly improved our skin. Our faces are brighter, lighter and possibly a bit younger looking to boot! 

RejuvadermMD deeply exfoliated, improved skincare absorption, smooths and softens, polished, buffed and most of all, improved skin radiance giving me that glowing look I’ve always dreamed of! 

If you are thinking about trying this amazing tool you can head on over to Trophy Skin and type in BOTTLE&BLUSH at checkout to receive 10% off of your purchase! 

*This post is sponsored by Trophy Skin. My thoughts and opinions are always 100% honest and my own*

Written by Sam Lapid

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