Last weekend my Mom and sister Gabby threw me the most gorgeous sprinkle to celebrate my baby boy. I was a little worried since I am so far along, but with a little help from a spary tan, blow out, and carefully picked dress, I was feeling like the bell of the ball. This time around I was a little more hands on and had a specific vibe in mind. Boho baby was the look we were going for and all I cared about was that there was LOTS of food for me and all of my pregnant friends! It was super laid back and I got to chat with all of my friends and sip on mocktails while munching on some awesome guacamole. 

When it came to decor, my mom is a big flower fan. Fresh flowers always brighten any room so when I contacted my favorite flower shop Cactus Flower, Corrina helped me create the most perfect centerpieces! She also helped me design a flower crown to wear for my special day that screamed bohemian pregnant goddess. 

As far as sweets go, I just HAD to have my most favorite dessert present on my big day. Sprinkles Cupcakes provided my three favorite flavors and I was not disappointed. My sister topped them with the cutests toppers that added a little extra decor touch for baby boy. 

EXTRA Special thanks to Cactus Flower for providing the gorgeous flowers and Sprinkles Cupcakes for providing the delcious sweet treats!! 

And the biggest thank you to my Mom and sister for planning this lovely sprinkle for me and baby! It was so perfect and I had the best time! 

Written by Sam Lapid

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